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Made-in-Alberta Newsletter June 21, 2010

Monday June 21, 2010

Hello Made-in-Alberta Friends and Supporters. Here’s what’s new and coming up this week...

New Release! “Home Energy Pioneer” (4 min)
Canada is an international leader in energy efficient and passive solar building design, dating back to work done at the Saskatchewan Research Council in the seventies and eighties. One of the pioneers, Harold Orr, discusses the necessity behind their inventions. And Bikeology Festival brings Bike2Work Breakfast to the cycling masses.

Bikeology Festival runs free events all month long! June 21 to 27 ...
The third Bikeology Movie Monday features “Man With One Red Shoe”. This is an American re-make of a classic, French “ spies on bikes” film starring Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah and Carrie Fischer. We open the evening with 20 bike-lectic minutes of Barb’s Bike Shorts, followed by door prizes and informative banter. (Bike movies are in the Rice Theatre this year, downstairs in the Citadel.) Tuesday (or Sunday) afternoon at the old Alberta Cycle building, attend the premiere of “Spokesong”, an original historical play set in Ireland. and Tuesday evening Credo Café is the scene of a moderated Bikeology Dialogue about winter cycling. On Thursday, the mobile bike networking event known as Bikeology Mocktails is at the north end of the High Level Bridge. Join us for a free pedal-powered smoothie. No need to get off your bike all day on Friday. There’s the final Bikeology Bike2Work Breakfast in the morning, the Owen Richel memorial critical mass ride in the afternoon, and a dance party at Bikeworks in the evening. Saturday evening is the ever popular Bikeology Ride-in Movie. Join us for a picnic in the park and “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” as soon as the sun goes down. Check out the Google Calendar on for addresses and times. Read event blogs on the home page.

Barb’s Field Notes: Gulf Coast oil gusher vigil tonight, June 21
I would like to express again my deep gratitude to everyone in this network who has been working so hard on demonstrating alternatives to fossil fuel-ishness – and you do it with such style and panache every one of you. I am sending this to you today as I know that many of you are as worried sick as I am about the horror show unfolding in the Gulf Coast. The majority of our ocean ecosystems (read fisheries) are already dying due to pollution, over-fishing and climate change – and there is no clear end to this gusher in sight. Unbelievably, the oil slick may not be the worst of it. In Alberta, we know all too well about the poison gases that co-exist with the liquid oil. Some friends have been sending me their best links for information, which I will share in the next newsletter. For now, I’m sharing a message from a friend who is asking folks to take a few minutes this evening to visualize a positive outcome. Please consider sharing the idea and taking part in whatever way you can. Do you have a reliable info source? Send it to me before Friday, and I’ll include it next week.

This e-mail is going out to all of my friends in the hope that all of my friends will forward it to all of their friends and so on and so on ...
As everyone knows, there has been a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - the worst in World history. Most of us realize that this affects all of us and everyone I know is deeply concerned by the magnitude of this situation and its affects on our environment.  We are connected by our oceans.  Our oceans are so fragile and we depend on their good health. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and so is she dependent on us to care for her.
 So far all attempts to stop the gushing of oil from the ocean depths has been unsuccessful and BP struggles to find a solution ...
I send this e-mail out to everyone I know in the hopes that on Monday, June 21st (summer solstice), the longest day of the year, which is deemed by many religions to be a day of utmost importance as it signifies new beginnings, we will all  "pray" or meditate or dance and sing while focusing for a mere fifteen minutes on the visualization that there will be an immediate, positive solution for stopping this huge oil spill from continuing.

All I ask is that at 9:00 pm on Monday, June 21st, you will light a candle and join hands with those around you as you pray to whatever God or Goddess you believe in, for there to be a positive solution to this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  Let's join hands and hearts across the water - across all nations of the world - working together to solve this problem. I would like to see all nations work together, bring their boats, their knowledge, their good will together - truly hands across the water - to help clean up this mess.
On June 21, 9:00 pm.  Light a candle and and pray for an end to this devastation of our ocean and its living beings within it who depend on it for their very lives.
So, please pass this e-mail on to everyone you know.  Let's form a collective consciousness of hope and good will, sending out positive wavelengths to all parts of our Mother Earth, asking for a positive end to this major catastrophe.

- Connie Clarke, Edmonton

Barb Allard, Producer/Director,
Ph: 780-455-6465

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