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Made-in-Alberta Newsletter Jan. 26, 2010

Jan. 26, 2010

1. “Building NetZero” (re-run, 4 min)
Riverdale NetZero collects an equivalent amount of energy from the sun as the homes and occupants use over the course of a year. In Part one of this special series, Peter Amerongen of Habitat Studios explains how more than half of this achievement comes from the building design. (PS. If you couldn’t get into Peter’s “Better Building Envelope” Solar Seminar two weeks ago, he is apparently going to present it again. I’ll keep you posted.)

2. Tim Weis Solar Seminar Now Available on Video
If similar programs in Europe are any indication, Ontario has kick-started a viable commercialization of renewable energies within their province. Pembina Institute conducted the “Greening the Grid” study to show the viability of renewable energy in Alberta. Tim Weis from Pembina outlines Ontario’s program and discusses how Albertans can take ours to the next level.

3. “Redefining the Utility Industry” with Gary Holden, CEO, ENMAX – this Thursday at the U of A.
The rules of the game are changing fast for utilities.  At the same time unprecedented opportunities are opening for new, renewable technologies. What is Possible in Alberta? Mr. Holden will be discussing smart grid technology, micro-generators, possibilities for energy conservation and efficiency, plus some of the innovative programs that ENMAX is embracing. Join Solar Alberta for a special seminar on Thurs. Jan 28 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the University of Alberta Engineering and Learning Complex ETLC 1-00 (We are at the U of A for just this one seminar, then back to GMU. If you need a map, email me.)

4. Barb’s Field Notes: Is 2010 the dawn of a new era?
Are we at the beginning of a new energy transition? The Made-in-Alberta team continues to investigate. Given that the new energy picture is now changing so rapidly, we also want to move this discussion to a new, varied and more interactive level. If you, our primary audience, want to be engaged in this way, we want to know and we want to make it easy for you. More to come in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have time to watch Tim’s entire seminar about Ontario's groundbreaking new renewable energy programs - the envy of North America - then, I suggest you watch part three of eight (10 min). Take notice Alberta! If we are at the dawn of a new energy industrial age, then Ontario has just blasted through the starting gate.

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