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Made-in-Alberta Newsletter Feb. 4, 2010

Feb. 4, 2010

1. “Energizing NetZero” (4 min)
Riverdale NetZero utilizes four forms of solar energy and a super-efficient design to create a house that will have zero net carbon emissions over time. Edmonton celebrates as we raise the bar for Canadian building standards.

2. NEW: Made-in-Alberta – Mandate Feb 2010
Energy, water and climate - these are hot topics for the 21st Century. In 2007, 96 percent of Albertans said they personally believe in new energy solutions. Barb Allard and her Made-in-Alberta team have a proven track record of investigating and sharing this growing movement in their home province in Canada. You may not know that, with your help, she is also developing a free-enterprise model for sharing new energy stories from around the world.

3. Extreme Energy Efficiency – The Nuts and Bolts of a Better Building Envelope
Solar Seminar Repeat - February 22, 7:00 to 9:00 at Grant MacEwan University

Say goodbye to your furnace? Habitat Studio and Workshop has successfully built three homes in Edmonton that are so efficient that they can be each be heated on a -30C day with a few hair dryers. Peter Amerongen and Adam Larson return to share detailed tips and techniques on how to do this without breaking the bank. Please note we are back at Grant MacEwan University for the rest of the Season: CN Theatre, Room 5-142. Come at 6:30 for snacks and a warm, solar meet and greet. For more info visit:

4. Barb’s Field Notes: Forecasting the new energy transition
Have a look at “Energizing NetZero”. In a segment from the opening ceremony in Sept 2008. Mayor Mandel says he hopes that Riverdale NetZero will inspire many local builders to offer more energy efficient, renewable energy housing in Edmonton. Less than two years later, based on the large crowds turning up at the Solar Seminars and my growing collection of business cards, he may have been right on the money.

We can’t offer money, but if you can guess all four types of solar energy that are utilized in Riverdale NetZero we will give you a fun Made-in-Alberta gift package. Email or phone in your answer.

Please also have a look at the Made-in-Alberta mandate. It’s what I would call a first draft – needs work. However, we put it on the web site as a first introduction to what’s happening behind the scenes here at RBCC and where we are going. The Made-in-Alberta project is, to my knowledge, unique. We strive to blend the strength of  community broadcasting, the resilience of independent media, the beauty of media arts, the purity of social activism, and the practicality of a small business. I would like your feedback.

Made-in-Alberta is a media project designed specifically for this age of new energy transition. The proto-type is basically complete, and we’re moving on to the next stage. If you are on this email list, then you had a hand in its creation and continue to play a role in its growth. More on this to come ...

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