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Made-in-Alberta Newsletter Dec. 01, 2010

Dec. 01, 2010

1. “Climate Talks Part Two” (4 min)
Does reducing greenhouse gas emissions from human activity have other benefits besides stopping global warming? It’s possible, if we use the opportunity to move towards an efficient society, powered on renewable and sustainable energy production.

2. Copenhagen: Candlelight Climate Vigil, December 12, 5:30 to 6:30 PM, Alberta Legislature
Want a real deal in Copenhagen? So does most of the world. So here's the plan: in the middle of the negotiations, candlelight vigils in every corner of the planet to put real human faces on the need for a real climate deal. Sometimes making history means just showing up. To see how many events are planned world wide, visit:

3. “Solar Electricity – From Dreamer’s Paradise to Everyday Use”, Wed. Dec. 3 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.
Gordon Howell has been crunching the new numbers on solar electricity and has come to some astounding conclusions. Solar PV is rapidly heading towards being cheaper than fossil-fuelled grid electricity for homeowners in Alberta. Get the hottest stock tip of the year at this month’s Solar Alberta Seminar, Grant MacEwan University, CN Theatre 5-142 (in the 105 Street Building.) Come at 6:30 for snacks and a solar schmooze. For more info,

4. Barb’s Field Notes: City Council, thanks for getting the door.
Edmonton City Council has opened new conceptual doors, followed the lead of three growing grassroots movements, and created new pathways for sustainable growth. As Lethbridge, Leduc and others have done, they will be writing to the Alberta government asking for a provincial renewable energy task force. If the province goes for it, this expert panel would determine how many Albertans support public investment into renewable energy (around 78 percent of us) and create an inventory of our (vast) renewable energy resources.

Here at home, we are now investigating the nuts and bolts of bringing renewable energy into Edmonton’s mainstream. For the first time, we have dedicated funding for the ongoing work of building Edmonton’s bicycle transportation infrastructure.  And, as an unexpected Christmas bonus, we are going to set aside some farmland so it can’t be turned into suburbs. More on all this to come in 2010...

I celebrate the inherent sanity I see with these City Council decisions and thank them and the City staff for their hard work.

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