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Made-in-Alberta Newsletter Feb. 26, 2010

Feb. 26, 2010

Now Playing on Made-in-Alberta: “Hot New Segments” (4 min)
It’s cold outside, but new Made-in-Alberta sponsored segments will keep you warm and cozy.  Bask in the comfort of bio-mass, energy efficient heating on “In the Green: Future Fireplaces”. Also in this episode, we provide a preview of Tim Weis’s Solar Seminar: an astounding real-time update about “Ontario’s Exemplary Renewable Energy Programs”. (View the entire seminar at:

Alberta’s Clean Tech Symposium - Monday, March 1, 3:00 - 8:30 PM
Join the Alberta Council of Technology and the Alberta Green building Council for Canada’s first clean-tech symposium on Monday at the Mayfield Inn. Choose your seminars and get in on some lively discussion as some of our experts assess the status of Alberta's clean-tech industry. The evening also includes a networking reception, buffet dinner and an exclusive presentation about the Rampart Avenir Project, proposed $1.6 B clean-tech development and business incubator in St. Albert.
Visit or phone 1-866-241-7535 or (780) 990-5874 to register.
They are offering free seminar and reception passes for seniors and students.

Barb’s Field Notes: Love and money
These new segments are vital to the ongoing success of the MIA project, as per the mandate video I sent out last week. Sponsored segments provide high-quality content for the show, but the production services that come with them are the business of RBCC. To see what RBCC can do for you visit.

Thanks to those who wrote in with feedback about the Made-in-Alberta mandate video. If you would like to review and provide your own comments (we are going to re-edit), click

Some of you on this news-list will be joining me as panelists at Alberta’s Clean Technology Symposium on Monday. It’s no secret that I’m all about the free sharing of information. There’s a less obvious but more important reason. For decades, a hand-full of people (self-selected, from all walks of life) have done sustainable development work solely to help create a better future for humanity. No other rewards have been forthcoming and none sought. To have that motivation was pretty much all the calling card you needed. Now there are many folk moving into our sphere compelled by a business imperative. The “cultural barrier” between these two groups runs as deep as distrusting each other’s basic motivations, yet we need each other. So, I thank Perry Kinkaide for his skills in putting these events together, for heartily celebrating made-in-Alberta innovation, and for all his behind-the-scenes diplomacy. Let’s get to it.

MIA Contest of the Week: You can do it!
No one got this last time, so I’m leaving this question open for another week. What are the four forms of solar energy at work in Riverdale NetZero? All the answers are here

We’d better get caught up on the basics, because the amazing new energy stories just won’t stop coming in. Next week, we will meet some Albertans who are living and working on 100 percent solar energy – with no grid or generator backup.

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