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Rainbow Bridge Community Channels inspires creative, regional solutions to global problems through the exchange of stories, information and ideas. We motivate our society to deal with environmental and social challenges by providing professional,
expertise-based information. We strive to make our programming fit the needs of educators at all levels of our society. RBCC WebTV is produced by the Rainbow Bridge Communications Company

Building the Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Communications Company (RBCC) is an independent media company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 1996. We provide reasonably priced, professional video, graphics and web design services to our clients who are working towards sustainable development and social justice in the business, government, educational and not-for-profit sectors. We make their stories available to growing web, television, theatrical, classroom and household audiences.

For more information, contact:

Barb Allard,
Executive Producer, Corporate Director

Phone: 780-239-6781

Barb Allard Bio & Resume

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