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Rainbow Bridge Communications Company (RBCC) is an independent media company. We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We provide professional video, graphics and web design services to our clients in the business, government and not-for-profit sectors who are working towards sustainable development and social justice. We communicate their stories to our web and television audiences, who want to know about these Alberta contributions to a sustainable and just world. RBCC has been educating, inspiring and motivating our fellow Albertans with home-grown media since 1996.

Contact information

RBCC Management Personnel

Barb Allard, Executive Producer, Corporate Director
Bruce Donovan, WebTV Manager - CV for Bruce
Jeremy Rittwage, Production Services Manager
Peter Jarvis, Sales Manager

RBCC Production Personnel
Barb Allard, Project producer/Director
Duane Burton, Project producer/Director
Jeremy Rittwage, Videographer, Editor and Designer
Kevin Burdett, Videographer, Editor and Designer
Jimmy Bustos, Videographer
David Baker, Videographer

Building the Rainbow Bridge

RBCC strives to encourage dialogue and inspire creative solutions to today's problems through the production and distribution of independent media.
RBCC believes that our society can prepare itself to deal with environmental and social challenges by exchanging stories, information and ideas.

RBCC provides access to a wider spectrum of voices speaking on environmental and social justice issues. We work to bring the Alberta point of view to the forefront.

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