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Please email to purchase “TookerTV – An Activist’s Life Caught on Tape” for $29.95 plus GST and shipping. Email for rebroadcast and other licensing opportunities.

TookerTV - An Activist's Life Caught on Tape

Tooker Gomberg: 1955 - 2004
Activist, Politician, Visionary, Beloved Trickster
Thanks Tooker for showing us the way.

Tooker Gomberg
was one of Canada's great activists. Using media, politics, street theatre and direct action, he lovingly poked and prodded at our complacent Canadian culture, encouraging us ever forward toward a peaceful, sustainable future. Share Tooker's triumphs and tragedies in this completion of his works on video.

1. Air Solution
(1990) Edmonton, AB 21:22
Tooker celebrates the bicycle as a graceful solution to pollution.
2. Winter Cycling in Edmonton
(1992) Edm, AB 4:11
This pilot "Greenspiration" story covers Canadian cycle commuting.
3. Kyoto - Winds of Change
(1998) East Asia 21:42
Tooker and Angela uncover "greeenspirational" stories in the Far East.
4. Playing with Democracy
(2000) Toronto, On 53:08
Tooker directs brilliant, grassroots mayoral campaign, and comes in second!
5. Talk, Talk, Take Action
(2001) Netherlands 10:35
The Canadian government stonewalls Kyoto, so Tooker burns his passport.
6. Christmas Action Peace Camp
(2001) Netherlands 13:38
Tooker invades an American military base, and gets busted.
7. Kyoto or Bust
(2002) Edmonton and Calgary, AB 50:10
Tooker uncovers a "lost document" and does his best to expose it.
8. Teepees and Turbines(2002) Lethbridge, AB 11:19
Tooker finds like minds as he pow-wows down in Southern Alberta
9. Tooker in New York (2002) New York 3:17
Caught on Tooker TV: police arrest anti-war demonstrators.

Plus bonus disc: TookerTV DVD includes a second disc with 8 special features, including some previously unreleased materials!

The DVD compilation was produced at Rainbow Bridge Communications Company ( Financial assistance provided by Greenspiration Activist Fund and RBCC. Thanks also to Film and Video Arts, Alberta (

Programs produced by Tooker Gomberg and fellow media activists Barb Allard (; Waldemar Belczowski; Angela Bischoff (; Jonathan Culp (; Jerry Lynch; Kelly Reinhardt (; Neil Thomas, Rob, Dru and Dave (

You can contact us at:

#4 Winnington Building
12415 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 3N3

Ph: (780) 455-6465

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