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About Tooker TV

Tooker Gomberg was one of Canada’s most influential environmental and human rights activists, colourful and controversial, creative, daring, and incredibly diverse in his methods and interests. He was one of a kind. His death in March 2004 left thousands of Canadian and international activists bereft and full of unanswered questions. But, what you may not know about Tooker is that he was an early believer in the power of consumer video technologies as a tool for social change. Thus, we bring you TookerTV.
About Tooker Gomberg

Tooker Gomberg was a people’s politician and spokesperson for the environment. He traveled the world to bring home stories of ‘Greenspiration’. His passion for the planet and people gifted him with a vision to define future trends. He joyfully communicated complex information as beautifully simple solutions available to anyone. He worked tirelessly, demanding the best from his colleagues and teams of volunteers, many of which became citizen activists in their own rights. As Edmonton City Councilor, he spearheaded many innovations that are now respected worldwide. He made one believe that a new world was within our grasp. Tragically, Tooker succumbed to clinical depression, which claimed his life at an early age, and so is not here to witness his “radical” ideas now entering the mainstream in 2009.

Support TookerTV

“TookerTV – An Activist’s Life Caught on Tape” is a compilation of Tooker’s produced works on video. Profits from the sale of this video will be put toward the “TookerTV Documentary Project”. Buy DVD

“TookerTV – The Documentary project” We are raising funds to produce a documentary of the life and times of Tooker Gomberg. For more information and to support the documentary project, click here.

Tooker succumbed to activist burnout and then depression. Tragically, an adverse drug reaction to his anti-depressant drug claimed his life at an early age, and so he is not here to witness his “radical” ideas now entering the mainstream in 2009. Find out more here

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