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RBCC Services Investigative Series $80,000

Do you have a large project that is unfolding in stages over several months? Do you have multiple players who need to be kept in the loop? Do you want a video to share the results of your work with other colleagues?

We follow your project, videotape your events, interview major players, and communicate the ongoing story in a series of ten video shorts. WebTV helps to build understanding and a sense of community among important players. Community television raises awareness in general audience. Barb's 20-years experience communicating environmental solutions - plus the conscientious expertise of RBCC production staff - is at your disposal. Artistic and human interest segments complement expert interviews. We work with you to develop and approve the content for each video


A. Ten four-minute short episodes
- We consult with you on all aspects of content.
- Document and share important events and people
- Professional script-writers and editors craft each episode
- Shorts released at intervals to build excitement or follow project
- “Rough-cut” review of each episo
- We can incorporate your photos and video (if applicable).

B. Promotional Services
- Uploaded to RBCC WebTV and YouTube (two formats for max. reliability)
- YouTube channel allows on-line dialogue (pending).
- Each airs 42 times on Shaw TV (pending Shaw’s approval).

C. Your Own Web Channel on
- Episodes catalogued for easy viewing; "Now Playing" on main channel page
- Project links and sponsor logos on every

D. Mini-documentary (30 to 50 mins.)
- Big picture analysis of entire project (upon completion of shorts)
- Share your work with peers and interested public.
- Suitable for educational, theatrical and SD television

- Compilation of short episodes, re-mastered
- Documentary is released on DVD.
- Production DVDs as re

F. Graphic Design
- We work with you to create compelling motion and still graphics to ID your
- We adapt your artwork or create original artwork for you.

G. Animations, Music and Special Features
- Package includes simple animations or other special features
- We create or find low-cost music for you
r videos.
- Web-only features and info bytes can keep visitors coming to your pages.

H. Technical Assistance
- 24-hour, on-call assistance with web site
- Advice and assistance with applying your video to various media
- We work with your web master to put video on your web site (or link to

To view an example, click “LocalMotion”.

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