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Winter Cycling Basics Video Info

Short Title: Winter Cycling Basics (excerpt)

Full Title and Description:
Winter Cycling Basics (excerpt)
Featuring Edmonton’s Winter Cyclists and Original Music by Hookahman and Tom Sterling 

“I cycle, and we have winter. Why would I not cycle in the wintertime?” – Gordon Drever, winter cyclist

More and more Canadians are riding their bikes in the wintertime. This is an extreme sport in Canada, where temperatures can dip to -35 degrees or colder and ice, snow, sleet and wind make conditions difficult, even dangerous at times. But with the right gear and lots of inspiration and advice from Edmonton’s winter cycling experts, you’ll soon be asking, “Who needs a car?

Be sure to check out the complete “Winter Cycling Basics” with complete instructions on studding your tires, making a fender flap and proper use of hand signals – coming soon to RBCC WebTV.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta


Length: 6 min

Originally produced: 2000

Production Company: Dragonfly Productions

Produced in partnership with: Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society

Additional funding from: Barb Allard

FAVA/Canada Council Film Night, 2001
Uploaded to RBCC web site, (excerpt), 2002
Bike Movie Mondays at Metro Cinema (excerpt), June 2006
Bike Movie Mondays at Metro Cinema (excerpt), June 2007 

Available on DVD?

Executive Producer: Barb Allard
Written & Directed: Barb Allard
Research & Writing Assistance: Ko Dagmarko, Karly Coleman, Doug Barrett
Cinematography & DOP: Kelly Reinhardt
Production Assistance: Baba Prem Singh
Editor: Dave Cunningham
Original Music:
Tom Sterling

            Joe Bird, Wes Borg, Joel Finnestad, Jeff Page, Jason Kodie, Frank Bessai, Cathy Derkach, Dove & Larry
Executive Producer partner organization: Karly Coleman, EBC 

Interviewees & Experts (in order of appearance):

Additional Thanks to:
Western Cycle, Edmonton
Baba Prem Singh

Tags: environmental eco green winter cycling Edmonton Alberta clean transportation experts bike Hookahman Sterling Gregg safety extreme urban commuting

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