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Sponsor Bike Shorts

Sponsor Edmonton Bike Shorts Series and DVD.
Written by Barb Allard, RBCC, February 2009
Total budget = $15,000.00 (partial sponsorships available

Bikeology - A Celebration and Exploration of Bicycle Culture
n. The emergent and joyous observance of the world's most efficient mode of transportation - the bicycle - and its transformative effect on our human condition.

Every year, more politicians, economists, engineers, physicians and scientists agree that we need to get North Americans out of the car and into active transportation. “Edmonton Bike Shorts” expose the joy and determination of the modern urban cyclist, inspiring a new generation to live their ecological values, while providing progressive politicians with ammunition for funding cycling infrastructure.

“As politicians, we can move the pieces around on the big battle map, putting bike lanes here and sidewalks there, but we need to understand the psychology.” (Don Iveson, Edmonton City Councilor, Jan 2009)

Edmonton Bike Shorts Series - Introduction and overview
“Bike Shorts” are growing in popularity as one vibrant medium of the global phenomenon known as bike culture. RBCC partners with bike-loving artists, athletes and advocates to add music, colour, excitement, poetry. Visualize healthy people and beautiful Edmonton scenery. Edmonton Bike Shorts carves our unique facet of this global bicycle celebration. Filming captures, winter commuter cycling, races, tours, competitions  and cultural events leading up to and during Edmonton’s Bike Month in June and Bikeology Festival.

Complementing professional videography, two helmet cams provide the cyclists’ eye view. After playing to several audiences in Edmonton during Bike Month, the shorts are shared at bike film festivals across Canada, Europe and the Americas and with the cycling world on WebTV.

Sharing Edmonton Bike Shorts (All costs are included in the budget.)

1.      Uploaded to Bikeology WebTV and YouTube

2.      Theatrical screening during Bikeology Movie Mondays at Metro Cinema

3.      DVD compilations promoted to Bike Film Festivals world-wide

4.      Excerpts aired on Made-in-Alberta ( show on Shaw TV, Community Television

Project deliverables. Total = $15,000.00 (plus GST)
1. Four bike shorts – released bi-monthly May and June 2009
- screened at Metro Cinema over five Bikeology Movie Mondays
- excerpts aired on Made-in-Alberta on Shaw TV, Cable 10
- uploaded to BikeologyTV and YouTube
- compiled on “Edmonton Bike Shorts (working title)” DVD

2. “Edmonton Bike Shorts DVD”
- 60 minutes (approx) of Edmonton Bike Shorts compiled (includes some retrospective shorts)
- sent to 10 Bike Film Festivals internationally

3. Edmonton Bike Shorts WebTV
- BikeologyTV web site goes live June 2009, shorts uploaded in Flash format June/July 2009
- uploaded to YouTube account “BikeologyTV” June/July 2009

Support a Short: $2500.00 ea. ($10,000 all four).
Support the DVD and WebTV Channel: $5000.00 total


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