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Solar Pioneering Video Info

Full Title - Made-in-Alberta - Chapter 3: Ep. 1 "Solar Pioneering"

Solar Pioneering
An 86-year-old Edmontonian produces home-made electricity from an attractive array mounted on a trellis in his backyard.

Solar in the City
"Solar in the City" investigates residential solar power, distributed generation and you. A photo-voltaic system plus energy conservation is a formula for green, secure residential power. But, does backyard micro-power have a larger role to play in Alberta¹s energy marketplace?

Made in Alberta
Energy, water and climate, these are hot topics for the 21st Century. With conventional fuel reserves running out, water tables running low, and global temperatures running high, many Albertans are finding new energy solutions. Made-in-Alberta brings their stories to community television and the world wide web with this innovative new series.

Length: 6 min

Date Produced: Oct 2004

Production Company: RBCC

Media Partner: Shaw TV

Produced in partnership with:  Brian Johnston, Energreen Technologies

Additional funding from:
SESCI-NAC (Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc - Northern Alberta Chapter)
Guy Chalifoux,

Shaw TV – Oct 2005 (and repeats)
YouTube – uploaded Jan. 24th, 008

Available on DVD? – yes 

Executive Producers for RBCC: Barb Allard, Ric Gustavsen
Written & Directed: Barb Allard, Brian Johnston
Camera & DOP: Ric Gustavsen
Editor: Susan Padget
Motion Graphics: Oleg Ognev
Original Music: licensed music library
Executive Producer for Shaw TV: Mark Doram
Production Manager for Shaw TV: Mike Fawcett 

Interviewees and Experts (in order of appearance):
Brian Johnston, Eng., Renewable Energy Technologist
David Lewin, PhD, Sustainable Electricity Development
Eric Steeden, Ret. Mechanic & Micro-power Producer

Additional Thanks to:
The production crew and reporters at Shaw TV.
The members and staff of Film and Video Arts, Alberta (FAVA)

Copyright 2008 Rainbow Bridge Communications Company