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Rough Cut Viewing Instructions

For technical help, phone Bruce at 780-964-5567.
For help with approving rough cuts, phone Barb at 780-239-6781.

Approving the first rough cut for content
It's important to remember that what you are viewing is not the final video. If you are at the first rough-cut approval stage, then you are watching it to approve content not the final look of the video. Don't be alarmed if you don't see many nice visuals over the speakers and there's no titles or credits yet. You may also see "jump cuts", hear audio tags and experience other rough-cut elements. These will be cleaned up and polished before the final video is released. There is no need to comment on these.

This is the time to approve the content. There may be time-code numbers burned into the video. You can use these to identify clips for your comments and questions. You can scroll, fast forward and rewind once you have let the video play all the way through once. (For more technical instructions, see below.)

Approving at the "off-line" or second rough cut stage
If you are at this stage, then the content has been approved. This is the time when most of the visuals, music, titles, credits and graphic elements have been added - though possibly not finalized - and are awaiting your approval. There may still be a rough element or two that will be polished in the next stage.

This is not the time to ask for content to be changed. If you wish content to be changed at this point, there could be significant additional charges and the timeline would have to be altered.

Viewing a rough cut at the proof stage
If you are at the proof stage, this is the time to double check spelling of names and that all names and logos are correct and included in the credits. It is up to you now to sign off on the video in time for it to be released to its designated audience(s) as per the original proposal.

This is not the time to ask for changes to either the content or the visuals, music or graphical elements. If you wish changes to these at this point, there could be significant additional charges and the timeline would have to be altered.

If you have questions about approving rough cuts, phone Barb on her cell at 780-239-6781.\

Technical instructions
You need a compatible Flash player on your computer to view the rough cuts. If you don't have the flash player on your computer, then rather than seeing a video window open up on the "View Rough Cut" page, you will see a message indicating a link for downloading the free player. 

If you are working in a large network environment, you may need assistance from your IT department in order to get the Flash player installed on your computer.

If you have the right Flash player, the video should stream without interruption on any home or office computer that is less than three years old and has a high-speed Internet connection. (Streaming means that it plays while downloading onto your computer so you don`t have to wait for it to download first).

If the video starts and stops, press the little play arrow so that the two "pause" bars appear, and the video will pause. Allow the lighter-coloured bar to move an inch ahead, then press play again.

You can rewind, fast-forward and scroll through the video - after you let it play all the way through once in order to fully load. 

If you have technical questions about viewing the rough cuts, phone Bruce on his cell at 780-964-5567.

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