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Peter Amerongen Solar Seminar Apr 2010 Video Info Main

Habitat Studio and Workshop Ltd.
Solar Energy Society of Alberta (Solar Alberta)


"Approaching Net Zero Energy at the Lowest Possible Cost”
With Peter Amerongen of Habitat Studio and Workshop

Solar Seminar, April 14, 2010
Grant MacEwan University
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Getting as close as possible to Net Zero Energy here on the northern prairies can be a daunting and expensive challenge. With our cold weather and long winter nights, it requires a careful blend of conservation in all its forms, passive and active solar collection, and solar electricity. Having worked through the obstacles to net zero energy for three successful projects to date, Peter Amerongen of Habitat Studio and Workshop has begun to identify a logical series of steps for designing for maximum net energy reduction at the lowest incremental cost. The sequence applies also to net-zero ready and near zero projects.

(in order of appearance)

Solar Alberta Executive Director
Rob Harlan

Habitat Studio and Workshop, President
Peter Amerongen

Video Production by

Video Producer/Director
Barb Allard

David Vasquez

Kevin Burdett

        Max Amerongen
        Peter Amerongen
        Bob Heath
        Gordon Howell
        Conrad Nobert
        Burke Stoller

Design renderings
Peter Amerongen, using SketchUp

Additional Production Assistance|
Grant MacEwan University Technical Staff

Special Thanks To
Roy Jensen, Grant MacEwan University
Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan Environmental Studies Institute

"Approaching Net Zero Energy at the Lowest Possible Cost”
is a co-production between

Alberta Solar Energy Society


Rainbow Bridge Communications Company

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