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 Local Motion 2009 (Ep.4): Making Connections Video Info (4min)

Full Title: “Local Motion 2009 Episode Four: Making Connections”

Local Motion 2009 (Ep.4): “Making Connections”
Released May 11, 2009

Julie and the City team start implementing the recommendations from Parkallen’s visioning session. We take a walk with Edmonton’s sidewalk strategist and meet two members of our featured family.

About Local Motion – An Eco-mobility Challenge

The challenge: how many people from one Edmonton community can leave their personal automobiles at home and get eco-mobile for the month of June? Project teams in the host community and at the City of Edmonton are providing as much help as they can. “Local Motion 2009” video project documents and shares this global first.

About Eco-mobility
The Global Alliance for EcoMobility is one of the partners in Local Motion 2009. For this project, eco-mobility modes are broken down into four categories: cycling (ie. bicycles, tricycles); walking/wheeling (ie. skateboards, wheelchairs, rollerblades); public transit (bus, LRT, DATS); ride-sharing (car-pooling, trip-planning).

Locations: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Local Motion, City of Edmonton:
Parkallen Community League
Global Alliance for Eco-mobility:
Transport Canada, eco-Transport (scroll down to find ecoMobility)

Length: (4 min)

Date Produced: March 2009

Production Company: Rainbow Bridge Communications Company -

“Local Motion 2009” is produced in partnership with:

City of Edmonton, Environment and Energy

City of Edmonton, Community Services

Funding provided by:
Transport Canada

: Shaw TV, Capital Region

Broadcast Shaw TV, Capital Region, May 2009
Uploaded to RBCC WebTV, May 2009
Uploaded to City of Edmonton web page, May 2009

Available on DVD? – pending

Executive Producer for RBCC: Barb Allard
Host & Narration: Barb Allard
Written & Directed: Barb Allard
Research Assistance: Julie Cournoyer, Ian Hosler, Dean Cooper
Cinematography & DOP: Jimmy Bustos, Jeremy Rittwage, Kyle Schneider, Ric Gustavsen
Editor: Jeremy Rittwage
Graphic Design: Jeff Sylvester, Pilot Design
Animator: Kevin Burdett
Intro Sequence: Jeremy Rittwage
Original Music: Final Cut Soundtrack Pro

Local Motion experts and interviewees (in order of appearance):
Dean Cooper, Transportation Engineer, Stantec
Julie Cournoyer, Local Motion Coordinator, City of Edmonton
Aryn Machell, Transportation Engineer, City of Edmonton
Parkallen Community Residents
Suzanne, Parkallen Resident
Robert, Parkallen Resident

Additional Thanks to:

Global Alliance for EcoMobility

Tags: video local motion Edmonton Alberta Canada global eco mobility green urban sustainable city transport winter cycling bike health pollution car traffic shop eat walkable sprawl community Parkallen

Copyright 2008 Rainbow Bridge Communications Company