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Kyoto Winds of Change Video Info

Short Title: Kyoto Winds of Change

Full Title and Description:
“Kyoto Winds of Change – A Greenspiration Odyssey”

 “I feel more convinced than ever that the real changes are going to have to take place at the grassroots level,” said an exasperated David Suzuki to Tooker Gomberg at the Kyoto climate summit in 1997. So Tooker and Angela cycled off to find greenspiration amidst the towering urban jungles and emerald rice paddies of Southeast Asia.

Canada; Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Lama Island, China, Vietnam,



Length: 22 mins

Date Produced: 1998

Production Company: Greenspiration Odyssey

Additional funding from:
CTV Edmonton

Edmonton Public Library, 1999
Bloor Theatre, Toronto, 2004
Tooker Gomberg Memorial at Metro Cinema, Edmonton, April 2004
Bike Movie Mondays at Metro Cinema, Edmonton, June 2007
Bike Movie Mondays at Metro Cinema, Edmonton, June 2008

Available on DVD? yes

Executive Producers: Tooker Gomberg & Angela Bischoff\
Written & Directed: Tooker Gomberg & Angela Bischoof
Research & Writing Assistance:
Cinematography & DOP: Tooker Gomberg\
Additional cinematography: Angela Bischoff
Editor: Jonathan Culp
Photography: Tooker Gomber
Original Music: (pending) 

Interviewees & Experts (in order of appearance):
Tooker Gomberg
Angela Bischoff
David Suzuki
Claire Greensfelder
Amory Lovins
Derald Reynolds
Helen Steel
Zhou Youxing
Tilo Nadler

environment bicycling eco green Kyoto Suzuki vegetarian alternative solar energy transportation Lovins climate Greenpeace Steel China activism health food animal rights preservation biogas endangered monkey

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