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Greening the Grid Part One Video Info YouTube

Short Title: Made-in-Alberta – Greening the Grid Part One

Length: (4 min)

Full Title and Description:

MIA(Ch. 16) The Grid (Ep. 1) Greening the Grid Part One
As the world gets ready for the Copenhagen climate talks in December, Alberta’s Pembina Institute presents a groundbreaking plan for reducing coal-fired electricity, while adding a diverse mix of renewable power to our grid.

About Chapter 16 “The Grid”
Renewable energy sources exist throughout Alberta. From households to farms to factories, Albertans from all walks of life are generating electricity and supplying us with green power. What needs to be done to capitalize on this vast energy resource, while maintaining the high level of service we’ve come to expect from our grid?

“About Voices of Made-in-Alberta”
Voices of Made-in-Alberta are quotes from people we have interviewed over the past three Seasons. Although they come from a variety of disciplines, they speak with one voice on the need to create a sustainable society.

About Made-in-Alberta (MIA) Series

Energy, water and climate, these are hot topics for the 21st Century. With conventional fuel reserves running out, water tables running low, and global temperatures running high, 96 percent of Albertans now want new energy solutions. Since 2004, Barb Allard and her Made-in-Alberta team have been finding these solutions and bringing them to community television and the world-wide-web.

For more information about Made-in-Alberta, visit

Locations: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Date Produced: October 2009

Production Company: RBCC

Produced in partnership with:
Solar Energy Society of Canada, Northern Alberta Chapter
The Pembina Institute

Broadcaster: Shaw TV, Capital Region

Broadcast Shaw TV, Capital Region, October 2009
Uploaded to YouTube, October 2009

Available on DVD? - pending

Executive Producer for RBCC: Barb Allard
Host & Narration: Barb Allard
Written & Directed: Barb Allard
Additional writing: Jeremy Rittwage
Cinematography & DOP: Jimmy Bustos, Ric Gustavsen
Editor: Jeremy Rittwage
Intro Sequences: Kyle Schneider, Jeremy Rittwage
Motion Graphics: Kyle Schneider
Original Music: Garage Band licensed music library

Interviewees & Experts (in order of appearance):
Dr. David Schindler, Professor of Ecology, Killam Memorial Chair, University of Alberta
Tim Weis, Director of Renewable Energy & Efficiency Policy, Pembina Institute

Additional Thanks to:
Pembina Institute Alberta and National Office

Tags: Alberta Canada Weis Schindler renewable energy grid green solar efficient bio mass wind co generation smart agriculture forestry household eco clean independent climate strategy global warming peak new future sustainable development Copenhagen

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