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Here is a list of people in our community who have contributed to the content or development of the Rainbow Bridge Community Channels and Made-in-Alberta. This page contains proof that we have all the expertise, passion, caring, dedication and wisdom we need to create our sustainable and just, new energy future. Because of these experts, and our belief the world must be full of many more, we are continuously renewed with hope and energy for these challenging times. As the Hopi Elders say, “Look around you. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Barb Allard,
Producer/Director, RBCC
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Science and Technical

Climate Change & Fresh Water
Suzanne Bayley, PhD, Wetlands Ecologist (View Video)
Myles Kitagawa, Environmental Advocate, Toxins Expert
Vanessa LeCaine, Junior High Science Teacher (View Video)
David Schindler, PhD, Killam Memorial Prof. of Ecology (View Video)
Martin Sharp, PhD, Prof. Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (View Video, View Video, View Video)

Eating Local
Ron Berezan, Edible Gardening Specialist (View Video)
Normand Campbell, Regional Cuisine Restaurateur (View Video)
Gerald Giroux, Woodland Cree Wisdom Keeper
James Goldman, Video Game Designer / Community Gardener (View Video)
Art Heppner, Grocery Store Produce Buyer (View Video)
Wesley Johnson
, Agricultural Crop Diversification Specialist (View Video)
Dietrich Kuhlmann, Market Gardener (View Video)
Susan Penstone, Urban Agriculture Specialist (View Video)
Clarence Visser, Market Gardener, Ret. (View Video)

Peter Amerongen, Energy Efficient Home Builder
Paul Belanger, Straw-bale House Builder
Mario Houle, Straw-bale House Builder (View Video)
Gordon Howell, Solar Engineer

Energy Efficiency Retrofitting
Dennis Freeman, Property Manager
Rick Jones, Handyman

Richard Merry, Certified Home Energy Advisor (View Video & View Video)
Brian Mitchell, Civic CO2 Reduction Strategist (View Video)
Michel Morin, Architect

Forests for the Future/Land-use Management
Jim Badger, Former Woodland Cree Grand Chief
Jim Butler, PhD,
Professor Emeritus, Renewable Resources
Steve Cumming, PhD, Boreal Ecologist (View Video)
Harvey Giroux, Woodland Cree Wisdom Keeper
Robert Jagodzinski, Boreal Ecologist (View Video)
Gray Jones, Sustainable Forestry Expert
Martha Kostach, Alberta Environmental Advocate
Rick Schneider, PhD, Boreal Forest Conservation Expert (View Video)

Brad Stelfox, PhD, Alberta Land-use Management
Wayne Wasylciw, Alternative Forest Products Researcher (View Video)
Russell Willier, Woodland Cree Wisdom Keeper (View Video & View Video)

Going Off-grid
Guy Chalifoux, Master Electrician, Renewable Energy Installer (View Video &, View Video)
Shane Johnson, Off-grid Power Producer & Advisor (View Video & View Video)
Laurel Van Alstyne, Off-grid Horse Farmer (View Video)

New Heating Technologies
Kaz Szymocha, PhD, Advanced Materials Researcher (View Video)
Harold Verburg, Renewable Energy Technologist (View Video)

New Urbanism
Barry Belcourt, Director of Roadway Maintenance (View Video)
Tooker Gomberg, City Councillor & Sustainable Cities Specialist (View Video)
Sonja Martens, Smart Growth Campaigner (View Video)

Jule Asterisk, Rural Waste Management Design & Management (View Video)
Alan Champagne, Entrepreneur & Recycled Products Developer (View Video)
Bud Latta, Waste Management (View Video)
John Mundy, Sand Recycler (View Video)

Shopping Local
Marvelyn Albert, Weaver (View Video)
Tom McFall, Alberta Fine Crafts Promoter (View Video)
Tom Uhlick, Potter (View Video)

Solar Energy/The Grid Ch.2
Peter Bull, Architect & Micro-power Producer (View Video)
Gordon Howell, Eng., Solar Engineering & the Alberta Grid (View Video)
Brian Johnston, Eng., Renewable Energy Technologist (View Video & View Video)
Benn Kilburn, Photovoltaics Designer & Installer (View Video)
David Lewin, PhD, Sustainable Electricity Development (view Video & View Video)
Simon Knight, Climate Change Central (View Video)
Eric Smiley, Photovoltaics Instructor (View Video & View Video)
Andy Smith, Solar Engineer
Eric Steeden, Ret. Mechanic & Micro-power Producer (View Video)
Wilsun Xu, Prof. of Computer Engineering (View Video)

Sustainable & Active Transportation Ch.4
Karly Coleman, Bicycle Commuting Advocate (View Video)
Claire Ellick, Eng, Sustainable Transportation Urban Planner
Vanessa Higgins, Smart Car Driver (View Video)

Bill Sellers, Winter Cyclist
Lorna Stewart, Transit Community & Disabled Services (View Video)
Claire Stock, P.Eng., Active Transportation Urban Planner (View Video)
Bill Thain, Biker and Cycle Messenger Advocate
Jeff Thompson, Transit Commuter
Scott Wilson, Transportation Policy Developer (View Video)

Sustainable Lifestyle
Angela Bischoff, Environmental Communicator
Michael Kalmanovitch, Sustainable Urbanism Advocate & Retailer (View Video)
David Parker, Vegetarian Advocacy & former Green Party of Alberta leader
Deborah Robb, Conscientious Retailer
100 Residents of Edmonton's Mill Creek Neighbourhoods

Water Conservation & Efficiency
Anna Ford, Master Composter (View Video)
Brian Johnston, Eng, Water Efficiency Technologist
Tanya Sakamoto, Master Composter (View Video)

Business Development

Business Management
David Boroditsky, President, Web Solutions Company
Gregg Brisson, Synergy Specialist
Mark Doram, Community Television Executive Producer

Robert Millar, IT Architect
Larry Sales, Financial Advisor
Manfred & Mila Samol, Video Producers and Accountants
Richard Secord, Environmental Lawyer

Independent & Socially Conscious Media
Duane Burton, Independent Producer, Social Justice Specialty
Dave Cunningham, Independent Producer, Social Justice Speciality
Helen & Tim Folkman, Independent Media Artists and Advocates
Rick Gustavsen, Television & Film Director
Albert Karvonen, Alberta Wildlife Cinematographer
Dave Morgan, Production Coordinator
Kelly Reinhardt, Media Activist
Derek Sharplin, Cinematographer and Editor
Lyn X, Media Artist and Activist

Marketing & Sales
Cliff Anders, Television Advertising Sales
Tad Hargrave, Socially Conscious Marketing Guru
Kim Hoyer, Sales Consultant
Perry Kinkaide, PhD, Alberta Innovation Promoter
Linton Kulak, Energy Company, Dir. Sustainable Development Division

Television Production
Kevin Burdett, Videographer, Editor & Designer
Jimmy Bustos, Video Producer & Videographer
Clinton Carew, Video Producer & Actor

Tim Dancy, Community Television Reporter

Mike Fawcett, Community Television Production Manager
Warren Minchau, Environmental Scientist, Radio and Television Background
Oleg Ognev, Video Editor & Designer
Susan Padget, Video Editor
Jeremy Rittwage, Videographer, Editor & Designer
Kyle Schneider, Videographer, Editor & Designer

Web Technologies
Maureen Abram, Web Designer
Michael Boroditsky, Software Developer
Bruce Donovan, Web Designer, Solar Energy Specialist
Dustin LaFleur, Web Designer
Kevin Stewart, Web Designer







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