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 Bike Month Wrap-up Video Info Main

Made-in-Alberta – Specials – Bike Month Wrap-up

Length: (4 min)

MIA (Ch. 11) Seasonal Special (Ep. 9) Bike Month (2010) Wrap-up
Over time, Edmonton will evolve from a largely car-dependent society to one that moves along using a diversity of transportation modes. What effect will this mode-shift have on our popular culture? This week on Made-in-Alberta, Barb wraps up Bikeology festival with bike education, bike art, and glimpses into Edmonton’s small but influential, bike-culture community.

About Chapter 11 “Seasonal Specials”
Going green isn’t about changing your life beyond recognition. It’s about finding lower-impact ways of enjoying our lifestyles and seasonal celebrations. Made-in-Alberta investigates how Albertans are making every day Earth Day.

About “Bikeology TV”
BikeologyTV covers bicycle events, arts, activism, music and other bike-lectica from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Rainbow Bridge Communications Company and VELOfest Edmonton bring BikeologyTV to you on two wheels with velo-love.

About Made-in-Alberta (MIA) Series
Energy, water and climate, these are hot topics for the 21st Century. With conventional fuel reserves running out, water tables running low, and global temperatures running high, 96 percent of Albertans now want new energy solutions. Since 2004, Barb Allard and her Made-in-Alberta team have been finding these solutions and bringing them to community television and the world-wide-web.

For more information about Made-in-Alberta, visit

Locations: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Date Produced: June 2010

Production Company: RBCC

Broadcaster: Shaw TV, Capital Region

Broadcast Shaw TV, Capital Region, June 2010
Uploaded to YouTube, June 2010
Uploaded to RBCC Web TV, June 2010

Available on DVD? - pending

Executive Producer for RBCC: Barb Allard
Host & Narration: Barb Allard
Written & Directed: Barb Allard, Jeremy Rittwage, Kyle Schneider
Cinematography & DOP: Jimmy Bustos, Kevin Burdett, Jeremy Rittwage
Editor: Jeremy Rittwage, Kevin Burdett
Intro Sequences: Kyle Schneider, Jeremy Rittwage
Licensed Music: Soundtrack Pro music library

Interviewees & Experts (in order of appearance):
James Turkington, Cycling advocate and retailer
Helen Winter, Metal-smith, dumpster diva

Additional Thanks to:
United Cycle, Edmonton
Harcourt House, Edmonton

Tags: Alberta Canada Edmonton Bicycle bike festival culture Bikeology commuter transport clean cycle helmet how demo fun education art recycling jewelry movie solution climate change eco clean peak future sustainable.

Copyright 2008 Rainbow Bridge Communications Company